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Bringing Regenerative Medicine into the classroom!
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These "Exploration Adventure" Workbooks are companions to the movies "Dr. Allevable's Unbelievable Laboratory (Bone and Heart Modules" and "Regenerobot and the Robot Science Fairs (Spinal Cord Module)".

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Dr. Allevable's and Regenerobot's Exploration Adventure - Bone, Heart and Spinal Cord

Grade Levels 3-5

The "Exploration Adventure" includes four workbooks or "Exploring" Modules about the Heart, the Bone, the Extra Cellular Matrix and the Spinal Cord and a short Teacher Resource Guide. Each Module works with external Handouts. In addition, you can download the movie guide for the students and for the teachers.

The Activities in the Workbooks fulfill National Science Education Standards, National Health Education Standards:

National Educational Standards for Workbooks"PA Educational Standars for Workbooks"

"Exploring the Heart" Module
Grades 3-5
30-40 min (each)

Summary: The Happening Heart

Students explore the heart’s pumping action with the use of a bucket of water and their hands.

Summary: Cholesterol’s Clogging Caper
Using toilet paper rolls, students work with clay to create a visual representation of how cholesterol builds up inside the artery walls.

"Exploring the Bone" Module
Grades 3-5
30-40 min (each)

Summary: Building Big Bones
Students work in pairs to investigate how the light, spongy layer around the bone’s marrow makes the bones lighter for easier movement, by comparing cardboard tubes filled with rocks and filled with kitchen sponges.

Summary: Doctor, Doctor!
Pretending they are doctors, students work individually to investigate how the appearance of bones changes once they are broken by creating patient files and reports.

Summary: Salt Dough Skeletons
Working in groups of four, students use Salt Dough to create their own Salt Dough skeletons and label five bones.

"Exploring the Spinal Cord" Module
Grades 3-5
30-40 min (each)

Special Spool Spinal Cords Students will explore and identify different parts of the spinal cord by building their own spinal columns out of string and empty spools of thread. In addition, students will label the parts of the spinal cord.

Summary: Spinal Column Concentration
Students will review spinal cord key terms and work in pairs to play the a memory card game about the anatomy of the spinal cord.

"Extra Cellular Matrix Extravaganza"
Grades 3-4

Build two different types of extra-cellular matrices used in regenerative medicine to heal broken bones and diseased hearts, discover how matrices relate to the tissues they help to heal.

Movie Guide
Grades 3-5

Join Dr. Allevable and Regenerobot as they expore the fascinating fields of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering!

You will learn:

  • What Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering are.

  • How Regenerative Medicine can use young cells in your body to ◊◊heal injuries.


    Feel free to use as many activities as you want!

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