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The following movies produced in partnership with the Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative:
Dr. Allevable's Unbelievable Lab Tissue Engineering for Life Regenerobot and the Robot Science Fair Grey Matters: Brain Show
Regenerobot and the Robot Science Fair

Learn Regenerative Medicine Learn more about Regenerative Medicine and the Spinal Cord.


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Green-Eye Visualization

This movie is available on DVD and for the fulldome. Lesson plans are available.

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Images of the movies

Regenerobot and the Robot Science Fair In this movie, the robot Regenerobot makes a project about tissue engineering of the spinal cord. Regenerobot learns about the nervous tissue, the neurons and the challenges the body faces in healing this extraordinary tissue!


Ages Middle School and up
Duration 15 min
Key topics spinal cord, stem cells, tissue engineering, scaffold, regenerative medicine


How Do Messages Travel Through The Body? Messages or signals are passed between special cells called neurons. The signals travel electrically down the axon inside a neuron or chemically across the space between neurons - the synapse. This means that the signal actually changes in nature all the time!

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Neural Field

Observe the signals passing through a single neuron and then travelling through the spinal cord - where the longest neurons can be found!

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