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The following movies produced in partnership with the Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative:
Dr. Allevable's Unbelievable Lab Tissue Engineering for Life Regenerobot and the Robot Science Fair Grey Matters: Brain Show
Our Cells, Our Selves

Learn More! Learn more about Regenerative Medicine in the Bone Tissue

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Learn more about thehealth of the bone with Tissue Engineering for Life


Osteoporosis and The Health of the Bone

Osteoporosis is a test film for home use that explores ways to enhance health literacy, focusing on the bone tissue and biology of osteoporosis.

Watch the film and learn about the causes, effects, and modern treatment options available for those diagnosed with Osteoporosis. In this film you will learn about the many types of diagnoses; and the imbalance in osteoclasts and osteoblasts that causes them. You will also learn about the dual-energy xray absorption scan as a modern treatment option, as well as proper diet and exercise regiment needed to both fight osteoporosis and maintain a healthy body.

Osteoporosis and The Health of the Bone - Trailer

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