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Regenerative Medicine Basics    
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Learn from movies
Go into the bone with our movies, see Dr. Allevable's Unbelievable Laboratory (K-8).

Regenerative Medicine

The body works as a holistic system, where all its parts have different functions that support each other... In many ways we can compare the function of certain organs to machines, the heart is like a pump that pumps blood, the brain is like a computer that processes throught, etc. But, unlike a  machine, the body has a fantastic ability to adapt and heal!

Regenerative medicine works with the body’s natural healing processes, so when an injury occurs that is beyond what the body can heal, doctors can intervene and help the healing become faster or use special materials from the laboratory to regrow tissue.

The injuries in question have to do with extensive tissue damage like broken bones, severe burns, heart attacks (damaged heart muscle) and spinal cord injuries. Some of these injuries will take months to heal. Sadly, some injuries will not heal at all.

But some people will get new treatments involving regenerative medicine that help them heal in weeks, not months. Some people will get new treatments that cure them forever, improving and even saving their lives.

Where Natural Healing ends, Regenerative Medicine takes over!..

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