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Regenerative Medicine Basics    
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Learn from movies
Go into the bone with our movies, see Dr. Allevable's Unbelievable Laboratory (K-8).

Stem Cells

One of the limitations of the body is that it can only make so many new cells to replace damaged ones. And sometimes, this number isn't big enough and it takes too long! So, doctors give the body more cells with stem cells.  These are young cells that can grow into many different kinds of cells, like bone, heart or neuron cells.

Some scientists can harvest stem cells from the body of the injured patient and help them multiply in the laboratory. Then, they can guide their development towards the kind of cell needed by giving them the appropriate signals. 

These signals are called growth factors  and they are molecules or proteins that the body naturally produces.

But if there is a large area that is damaged, what will these new cells hold on to? The S C A F F O L D.

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